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Can GlobalBoost’s 10+ Year Blockchain Fuel a Bitcoin-Inspired Media Revolution?

[Washington, DC, 12/1/2023] – GlobalBoost, the trailblazing cryptocurrency, announces an evolutionary leap into GlobalBoost Media, marking a significant rebranding and relaunching of its BSTY utility token. This transformation signifies a strategic shift towards revolutionizing the digital and social media landscape by creating a decentralized network akin to Bitcoin’s groundbreaking impact on currency.

GlobalBoost Media’s BSTY utility token, leveraging revolutionary blockchain technology similar to Bitcoin, is now exclusively tailored for media-centric use cases. This strategic move propels GlobalBoost Media to the forefront of innovation, aiming to pioneer a decentralized media ecosystem that empowers creators, publishers, and consumers globally.

The rebranding to GlobalBoost Media underscores a visionary approach to cryptocurrencies, aligning the mission with the evolving needs of the media industry. This transformation positions BSTY as the premier digital currency for all media-related transactions, fostering a secure, transparent, and efficient content creation, distribution, and consumption platform.

GlobalBoost Media envisions a robust, censorship-resistant network empowering content creators with ownership and control over their work. This decentralized media network promises a paradigm shift, transforming the dynamics between creators and their audience, ensuring fair compensation, and fostering engagement.

“We’re thrilled to unveil GlobalBoost Media and the reimagined BSTY utility token, dedicated to revolutionizing the media industry through blockchain technology,” said Bruce Porter Jr., CEO at GlobalBoost Media. “Our mission is to create a decentralized ecosystem that redefines how media is produced, shared, and consumed globally, fostering innovation, transparency, and inclusivity. We Are the Network!”

As part of this transformative journey, GlobalBoost Media aims to incorporate the NOSTR protocol into their media nodes, constituting one layer of value supporting a revolutionary decentralized media network. This integration highlights the commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance the decentralized media experience.

Notably, GlobalBoost Media’s blockchain boasts all the exact features of Bitcoin, including ordinals, at a significantly lower cost. This aspect further solidifies its commitment to providing a robust, secure, cost-effective infrastructure for the decentralized media network.

With a focus on decentralized solutions, GlobalBoost Media’s rebranding and BSTY utility token relaunch aims to resonate within the cryptocurrency and media landscapes. Explore the new website at and learn more about becoming a part of the GlobalBoost Media nodes, the core requirement in building the world’s largest decentralized media network delivering social media content and cutting-edge decentralized communications solutions.

Please get in touch with the GlobalBoost Team at [email protected] for media inquiries.

About GlobalBoost Media:

GlobalBoost Media is a pioneering cryptocurrency platform transitioning into a decentralized media network. Formerly known as GlobalBoost, the company rebrands and relaunches its BSTY utility token to revolutionize the media industry by harnessing blockchain technology. GlobalBoost Media aims to empower content creators, publishers, and consumers by creating a censorship-resistant, transparent, and rewarding decentralized media ecosystem.

Bruce Porter, Jr
[email protected]

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