Health refers to a state of complete physical and mental well-being. Maintaining a healthy body is key to avoiding various diseases.

Health is the body’s natural metabolic and functional efficiency in adapting to any physical or mental changes.

Being healthy helps you to be able to do your daily tasks in a more efficient manner.

If a person is in good physical health, it means that the body is free from any disease. But mental or social wellbeing is determined by the ability to do various social tasks.

How important is health?

Being healthy is important.

1. Improve longevity

It can affect a person’s daily routine if they don’t live a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle will lead to a more fit body and a longer life expectancy.

2. Prevent diseases

It is essential to ensure immunity against various diseases in order to live a healthy and happy life. The body’s natural defense mechanism, the immune system, fights against foreign agents that may cause harm.

It is important to have a healthy body, mind, and spirit for overall well being.

3. Improve your mental health

A bad lifestyle can cause mental illness. A healthy lifestyle can relax the mind, and improve the mood.

Only someone who is mentally happy can perform well. Mental health and physical health are equally important.

4. Be productive

A healthy person will be able to serve his/her country and community. Healthy people are those who have no symptoms of any disease.

5. Financial benefits

The rising cost of medical care is a major concern. Only if people start investing in their health at a young age, they can reduce or prevent the incidence of developing a condition.

Being in good health will reduce the chances of them getting hospitalized. It will also help to minimize the amount of medical treatment that they need.