My Slot – The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Own Online Slot

My Slot – The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Own Online Slot

My Slot (online video) gives internet casino players the ability to customize and personalize their online video slot. Online casino players can upload their own images, sounds and themes. This allows them to offer a completely new experience in casino slots. MicrogamingTM, an online casino industry gaming company, created the My Slot video-slot.

Once you have downloaded Microgaming’s software to your casino, it is easy to install the game. Simply choose My Slot from the listed slots and wait for it to be uploaded to the casino lobby.

Changing Images

Once the game has been uploaded to a player’s casino lobby one can start changing the look of the game by clicking each symbol shown on the games create new theme’ interface. The game’s bare version has the preloaded symbols of bells and cherries, bars symbols, oranges, and a wad money as high-paying symbols.

Parallel to the high-paying symbols the low-paying symbol are represented by 6 playing cards symbols, which range from 9 through Ace.

My Slot has a 5-reel and 9 Payline slots. The Wild and Scatter symbols provide players with greater winning chances. These icons are located at the top right corner in the ‘create new themes’ interface. After the player clicks the image he/she wants to modify the player’s personal “my pictures” folder opens instantly. From there, the player can upload and select the image of their choice. You have the option to choose any directory, provided it contains an image. Players have no restrictions on the image size and can edit all images with the helpful symbols editor. This tool allows you to pick the desired element in your preferred image.

Choose a theme

You can change the background color of the slot by clicking the button at the bottom left corner. Here you can choose a background color that matches the images selected. If you’ve chosen images of nature as your backdrop, it might be a great choice of color. Because all colors can be selected from the full color spectrum, at the bottom you will find the color theme selector, it is easy to see them all.

Changing theme music

My Slot players also have the option to alter the song accompanying their gameplay. They simply have to click on “change” in the bottom-right corner of the “create new theme” interface. The My Slot experience can be made unique by players choosing their favorite sound or song.

Save your My Slot theme

Once you’ve completed all the modifications, it is time to save the newly created theme. Give your new theme an appropriate name and click the “save button” at the bottom to save it. Once this is done, players can play their customized video slot. Players can create many slots depicting their personal interests, such as loved ones, pets, cars, vacation destinations, pop artists, rock stars, movie stars, etc. Online casino players will have hours of fun and creativity with the My Slot slot.

Playing My Slot

Playing My Slot is easy just like any other online casino slot. The game offers multiple betting options, including a 5-reel 9-payline video Slot. Players can choose how many paylines are involved in each spin. The higher the probability of receiving greater returns, the more paylines players choose. Although 5 coins are the maximum allowed per spin, a player can choose to play all 9 lines. This allows for 45 coins per spin. The maximum number allowed for a 9-payline bet is 9 coin (1 coin x nine paylines = 9 Coins). My slot offers the unique feature of players being able to jump between themes with just a click.

My Slot is an original video slot, designed to break through the established video slot niche. There are no need for players to accept preconceived video slot themes. They can now make their own video games according to their preferences.

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