Month: November 2022

Forex Trading without Emotion

If a trader is full of fear and emotion, even the best forex trading system, it is useless. Is this not a bold statement? It might be true for a beginner trader. If you’re an experienced trader, you will probably know how true this statement is. Many forex trading strategies are sold without regard for dealing with emotions

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7 Keys for Successful Day Trading

1. Successful traders stay neutral: It means to remain neutral and not be affected by your trading decisions. Many day traders have been emotionally affected by losing $100 or less, and then they feel like they’re “on top”. They are trading neutral. If you are like this then you will likely trade with fear and greed. For example,

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The Trading Psychology Plan

Without a stark realization, no discussion about trading or the possibility of trading can take place. The vast majority of traders lose. The reason most traders lose is because they’re not psychologically prepared to trade. In other words, they’re not ready to take on financial risk and not have control over the outcome. Trading is more

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